A whole greater than the sum of its parts

A whole greater than the sum of its parts



Our method is rooted in potentiated and evidence-based solutions, crafted with a deep understanding of the complexity of human biology and chemistry. We strive to address a wide range of concerns comprehensively, optimizing your well-being through science-backed solutions.
In the realm of AWvi, we give synergy a unique spin: here, 1+1 isn't merely 2, it's 3.

Shaped by the profound power of collaboration, our method comes to life.

Our medical-grade ingredients and formulas, meticulously crafted, join forces to ignite a transformation - an outcome where the whole far outstrips the sum of its parts.

With precision and unwavering attention to detail, we engineer our highly biocompatible ingredients to blend seamlessly. This unlocks the full force of synergy within each formula and across our entire product range, from the inside out and the outside in.

Our foundation is deeply entrenched in scientific rigor. Our products are put through rigorous clinical trials, providing tangible, undeniable evidence of their effectiveness. At AWvi, our commitment to excellence is more than a promise - it's our ethos. We deliver exceptional results, underpinned by solid data and guided by relentless dedication.

Step into the world of AWvi and set sail on a journey to enhanced skin health and overall well-being.



Our collective brings together a diverse range of professionals with specialized expertise across multiple domains.
From biology and chemistry to the intricate processes of biofermentation and extraction, our team of experts encompasses a comprehensive spectrum of knowledge.
This interdisciplinary approach empowers us to offer individually effective and collectively transformative solutions. Together, we capitalize on our multidisciplinary approach to harness the synergistic potential of various processes and technologies.



Our technologies set us at the forefront of health and medical-science, enabling us to develop wellness solutions that span nutraceutical supplements and cosmeceutical products.

Our innovative blends draw from lab-grown ingredients, environmentally sustainable green chemistry, and circular soft processes, without adding any unnecessary compounds.

These technologies, aside from promoting environmental stewardiness by reducing land, energy, and water consumption, enable us to develop cutting-edge ingredients identical to those found in nature or within your body. We isolate these ingredients efficiently, ensuring their high concentration and safeguarding them from contamination.

Our medical-grade ingredients combined with our rigorous control over manufacturing processes ensures not just the efficacy, safety and sustainability of our solutions but also the integrity of our formulas over time.



AWvi's headquarters, R&D department, and nutraceutical manufacturing line are situated on the outskirts of Florence, within a GMP Pharmaceutical facility certified by the Italian Medicines Agency.
In addition to our Florence location, we rely on the multi-certified facilities of our co-founding partner, situated near Milan. They oversee R&D and manufacturing for both ingredients and cosmeceutical products.

Developed and manufactured in ITALY



As we learn more about health, we realize how important our skin is. It's often forgotten, but it's always there, protecting us from harm we can't see. It’s no exaggeration to call our skin the sentinel of our well-being, our most expansive organ, ever-vigilant, and a key to the overall health puzzle.

Our skin doesn't just reflect our overall health, it plays a major role in shaping it.

Beyond just what we see, each blemish, crease, or subtle change on our skin could signify changes happening within our body. But more importantly, an unhealthy skin condition doesn't stop at the surface. It can influence far more, from our immunity and psychological well-being to our metabolic functions, affecting our entire organism like a chain reaction. Much like a well-tuned engine ensures a smooth ride, maintaining healthy skin is fundamental to our overall health and well-being.

Now, let's delve a layer deeper. We meet an invisible but immensely powerful community - the microbiome, a bustling city of microorganisms that call our skin home. The right balance in this community is a cornerstone of healthy, glowing skin.

But here’s the game-changer: the gut-skin axis. Picture it as an unseen superhighway, a two-way communication line between your gut microbiota and skin. Certain probiotics in your gut don't just contribute to a healthy digestive system, but are also the virtuosos conducting the skin symphony, bringing health through harmony and balance.

Our solution? It's this profound understanding of the skin, its microbiome, and the gut-skin axis. It's about the realization that each is a piece of an intricate puzzle, and true health arises from nurturing each of them together.

As we unlock the potential of this interplay, we are thrilled to introduce you to a groundbreaking approach for improved skin health. Not just a surface-level remedy, but a deeper, comprehensive answer, addressing the root causes and not just the symptoms. We believe in the potential for each person's skin to be not just a shield, but a glowing testament to their overall health.

Our commitment to you is a solution deeply rooted in scientific rigor, a harmonious blend of expertise, empathy, and evolution.

Are you prepared to take the next step in skin care? Let's work together to improve your skin health, and in doing so, enrich your life - one healthy skin cell at a time.



The selection of ingredients for our products is guided by a dual-pronged approach: Extensive research into skin health and the intricate aging processes that impact the skin, which is the largest and most exposed organ of our body, and, our wealth of experience and continuous innovation in biotechnologies, which has enabled us to craft next-generation ingredients and formulas.

Central to our approach is the recognition of the body's innate capacity to protect and rejuvenate itself. With this in mind, we developed ingredients that boast high biocompatibility, ensuring that the body readily identifies them as its own. This recognition enhances the effectiveness of these ingredients. Concurrently, we delve into the intricate interplay within our body, striving to amplify their synergistic actions across various fronts.

Our product formulas are meticulously designed to foster synergy on multiple levels:

Drawing on our dual expertise, we've developed a solution that addresses skin health from both internal and external perspectives. This synergy is actualized through the combination of a nutraceutical product and a range of topical products, each enhancing and complementing the effects of the other.

The Skin Biotic works from the inside-out, leveraging the gut-skin interactions.
We introduced ingredients that seamlessly integrate with the body's natural chemistry and biology.
We have incorporated indispensable vitamins selected due to their pivotal roles in supporting skin cellular metabolism and a selection of probiotics, where we delve into the intricacies of DNA analysis, to uncover the most suitable strains, within the extensive Lactobacillus genus, having the characteristics and capabilities to efficiently provide targeted skin benefits from the inside-out, leveraging the ‘gut-skin’ axis.

Our topical product range has been developed to work in synergy with our supplement, from the outside-in.

Within each formula, ingredients are thoughtfully integrated and precisely dosed to facilitate their interaction, thereby enhancing their overall effectiveness.

Across our range of topical products, we consistently incorporate a selection of potent active ingredients, each with its own unique significance and remarkable efficacy. These carefully developed components serve as a common thread throughout our product line, augmenting their effects while being tailored to the specific purpose of each formula. This thoughtful approach ensures that each ingredient contributes significantly to the product's functionality.

For instance, while water used in cosmetics is typically demineralized and may constitute over 80% of a product, without providing genuine benefits, we've transformed its role through an advanced ultra-filtration process. The active water we use is derived from organic fruits, meticulously chosen to bestow essential advantages such as protection against oxidation, UV rays, pollution, and remarkable anti-inflammatory and protective properties. This innovative use of water amplifies its significance in our formulations.

Another cornerstone ingredient is ectoine, a biotech product derived from an amino acid found in desert environments. Ectoine plays a pivotal role in supporting skin regeneration, fortifying its defenses, and promoting the synthesis of strengthening peptides. Operating as a postbiotic, it effectively balances and safeguards the skin's microbiota from external factors, further underlining its significance in our products.

Hyaluronic acid, renowned for its capacity to retain moisture at a remarkable rate of up to 1000 times its weight in water, is essential for skin hydration. In our formulations, we've incorporated an advanced version of hyaluronic acid that is immediately recognized by the body. Utilizing cutting-edge biotechnologies, we've meticulously engineered a polysaccharide compound featuring variable-sized particles, each designed to intervene at distinct layers of the skin. This intricate approach, coupled with a rigorous fermentation process, enables us to harness hyaluronic acid's multiple molecular weights, each offering specific benefits. The outcome is a hyaluronic acid that not only deeply hydrates but also reinforces the skin barrier, fostering collagen and elastin production—a testament to its exceptional significance in our products.

Lastly, our triglycerides, characterized by their high biocompatibility, serve as vital components in preserving skin health. These triglycerides provide cellular energy, ensuring the effective penetration of active ingredients into the skin's layers. Their role in maintaining the skin's well-being and optimizing ingredient absorption underscores their significance within our formulations.

In summary, the singular significance and efficacy of each of our next-gen ingredient is amplified by synergies at every level, within each formula, between each product and through our circular science grounded approach—from the inside out and the outside in—resulting in our unique integrated solution—The Skin Method—which provides exponential benefits, backed by clinical studies.
In this way, for instance, The Skin Method's inside-out approach synergistically boosts the benefits of either supplement or topical solutions by an average of 2.1 times.

Your Questions About AWvi

What does P.P.EP4151217 correspond to?

P.P.EP4151217 corresponds to the registration number at the European Patent Office (EPO) for the patent of which AWvi is the exclusive owner, aimed at protecting the genuine innovation represented by its solution combining oral and topical formulas. The innovative nature of this solution has undergone thorough verification by the relevant authorities based on extensive clinical tests.

What is biotech?

Biotech, at its core, is about innovation and precision—it's where lab-grown ingredients come to life. Picture a space where the ingenuity of nature meets the exactitude of science. Here, we're not just following nature's blueprint; we're enhancing it, making it more accessible and sustainable without stepping outside the bounds of ethical responsibility.
We develop ingredients that are grown within the controlled environments of our labs. This method allows us to ensure the highest purity and efficacy of every compound we derive. It's about harnessing the inherent power of natural elements, then refining and concentrating them, without the shadow of contaminants.
This approach is groundbreaking. Imagine having the essence of the most potent botanicals at your fingertips, without depleting natural resources or harming the ecosystem. These lab-grown marvels are not just replicas; they are improvements, optimized to provide you maximum benefit.
At AWvi, biotech is more than a methodology—it's a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and the art of science.

Where is AWvi manufactured?

AWvi's offerings are crafted with meticulous attention from conception to manufacturing in Italy, blending tradition with cutting-edge innovation. Our nutraceutical products are produced in a facility located on the outskirts of Florence—home to our headquarters—which complies with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. This facility is certified by the Italian Medicines Agency and registered with the FDA, reflecting our unwavering commitment to both quality and safety.
In parallel, the development and production of our ingredients and cosmeceutical products are carried out near Milan, by one of our founding partners, in a facility boasting multiple certifications by international ISO standards, including ISO 22716:2007 for Cosmetic Products Manufacturing, ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management, ISO 22000:2005 for Food and Nutraceutical Safety, ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management Performance, and ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health and Safety.
This arrangement ensures an integration of expertise and excellence at every phase of development and production. Such strategic localization highlights our dedication to offering products that are not just effective, but are also locally produced in a sustainable and ethical manner.



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