Our true respect for your inner and surrounding ecosystems is what drives AWvi

At AWvi, we recognize that both your inner ecosystem and the world around us operate like finely tuned machines, each with intricate mechanisms that sustain balance and health.

We are committed to actively safeguarding this seamless interaction between your inner workings and the external world, fostering harmony between your body and its environment throughout our entire journey.

Our ingredients are carefully developed to bolster your body's natural physiological mechanisms while protecting it from environmental aggressors. Simultaneously, we strive to drastically minimize our impact at every level of our approach.



Our shared vision and values have shaped not only our mission but also the very name of the brand, which at its core embodies the six interconnected elements essential for health and well-being: sleep quality, balanced diet, physical exercise, contact with nature, passions, and relationships.

This commitment reflects our dedication to honesty, serving as the cornerstone of our ethics and our relationship with you.

We are transparent about our solutions, from what they are made of and how they are made, to the true benefits they provide.

This ensures you have the trust and confidence needed to make informed decisions regarding your wellbeing. Supportive at every turn, AWvi is here to assist you not only in choosing the right products but also in adopting lifestyle behaviors that bolster a better you.


Our BENEFIT COMPANY status commits us

As a Benefit Company, the ethical ambitions we set for ourselves become obligations carved into the marble of the company's statutes, compelling us to truly honor our commitments in social and environmental stewardship. This enforces a set of obligatory actions that are integral to AWvi's operations and identity.


‘In performing its activity and in relation to the environmental and social context in which it operates, the company pursues the following aims of common benefit:

1. perform constant activity of research and development of natural and scientifically advanced molecular complexes, obtained through technologically advanced production processes, to improve the life of persons with effective and safe products;

2. create new supply chain models based on the active involvement of all stakeholders and the sharing of society's common values, from production to distribution, down to the end consumer;

3. create innovative and sustainable products through the promotion and spread of its values, a business model open in terms of exchange of ideas and competences, the connection between people and technology and through projects that also have positive social and environmental aims;

4. create a positive work environment shared by managers, employees, associates and suppliers, aimed at promoting and fostering well-being among persons, giving value to their work, favoring the satisfaction of needs for professional realization, and at the same time, the company's operating excellence, through a relationship inspired by personal respect and the promotion of diversity, considering the safety and rights of employees and associates to be an absolute priority;

5. generate profit from a medium to long-term perspective, in an equitable and sustainable manner for all of the persons involved in the company's activities, with the goal of improving health, well-being and the quality of life of its customers;

6. analyze and improve the sustainability of each phase of life of its products, from the procurement of raw materials to production and end consumption;

7. increase the utilization of sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable and renewable materials, reducing in particular the quantity of packaging in relation to the finished product;

8. guarantee the maximum levels of safety, quality, genuineness and naturalness of its products;

9. constantly reduce the use of non-renewable natural resources, in particular the energy produced by depletable sources;

10. reduce the quantity of waste from production and guarantee the proper disposal of recyclable waste;

11. improve energy efficiency and the consumption of resources, taking into consideration the best practices and innovative solutions in pursuit of the gradual reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide.’



The impact of a product—across the whole value chain—is defined in the early steps of its conception.

Our product line embodies a minimalist philosophy, meticulously curated to encompass a compact range that delivers all the essential benefits expected from a skincare solution, with an unwavering commitment to both efficacy and safety.

This philosophy has led us to intentionally limit our topical offering to essential products—each designed to cover all skincare needs from makeup removal and cleansing to specialized serums for face and eye contours, as well as day and night creams. This strict limitation on our product range is mirrored in our approach to formulation.

By concentrating on synergistic formulas and potent, medical-grade quality ingredients within each product, we've crafted a collection that not only meets but exceeds the holistic needs of skin care. This focused approach ensures that each ingredient serves a pivotal role and significantly reduces the necessity for additional functional additives for stability or preservation. In doing so, we not only streamline our offerings to the essence of efficacy, purity, and safety but also embody a commitment to minimalism, both in the number of products we offer and the ingredients they contain.

Guided by the principles of green sciences, our formulas are thoughtfully conceived to minimize energy use during production and to extend the lifecycle of our products. Our method combines eco-friendly sourcing with lab-grown natural ingredients, harmonising the wisdom of nature with the precision of science.

Further emphasizing our commitment to the wellbeing of all life, our formulas are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

At AWvi, we're not just committed to delivering wellness solutions that are as responsible as they are effective—we're raising the bar for what it means to create skincare that embodies Nature to the power of science.



AWvi leverages green science to sustainably harness the power of nature.

Our highly innovative blends are crafted with lab-grown natural ingredients, environmentally sustainable green chemistry, and circular soft processes, avoiding any unnecessary components while ensuring optimal formula integrity to extend product lifespan.

In the case of AWvi ingredients that are identical to those found in nature, our processes allow us to isolate them efficiently, guaranteeing their high concentration while preventing contamination.

Through this sustainable approach, we're not only preserving the planet but also enhancing formula efficacy.

Our upcycled components not only include non-edible biomass fractions but also water - which can represent up to 90% of the composition of skincare formulas. In fact, our process transforms these elements into active ingredients.

In the case of our upcycled waters, they offer tangible skincare benefits contrary to what conventional, demineralized water can provide.

Similarly, our use of biomass by-products results in ingredients with heightened biomimetic properties, ensuring our products work in harmony with your skin physiology for optimal results.

Furthermore, our manufacturing processes utilize efficient technologies to reduce emissions and waste, simultaneously minimizing the use of land, water, and energy. This includes not only a reduction in energy consumption but also a commitment to leveraging green energy from renewable sources.



AWvi packaging has been designed to actively contribute to product preservation and ensure consumption until the last drop to avoid any product waste, all while minimizing its environmental impact.

Containers are made of post-consumer recycled material or fully recyclable mono-material—in the event of contact with the formula for safety reasons—while recyclable outer boxes are made from sustainable sources (FSC Certified), without use of wrapping paper and unneeded leaflets.

In shipping our products worldwide, we prioritize reducing our carbon footprint by carefully considering the weight of our products. Consequently, we opted for heavier recyclable materials like glass only for AWvi smallest product bottle—The Power Serum—which not only minimizes environmental impact but also helps in reducing breakage and waste.

We are deepening our dedication to sustainable packaging by introducing refillable options for our products in the near future, further advancing our commitment to environmental responsibility.



In our pursuit of absolute transparency and accountability, AWvi has partnered with a third-party auditor, Provenance.

Provenance's role is to independently validate every claim we make about our products—from efficacy and safety to ethical sourcing and sustainability.

This partnership will reinforce our commitment to openness and ensures that our achievements in health, wellness, and environmental stewardship are not merely aspirational statements but tangible realities.

At AWvi, we understand the importance of trust in building meaningful relationships with you. By inviting Provenance to scrutinize our practices, we underscore our pledge to operate with integrity and honor our promises.


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