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Frequently asked questions

Why opt for an integrated solution like The Skin Method?

Our vision with The Skin Method was to create an integrated and compact solution tailored to address a multitude of specific skin concerns while ensuring holistic health benefits for every skin type. This objective is achieved through a comprehensive approach that works both from both the inside out and the outside in, leveraging the synergistic actions of our products for exponential benefits. Each of the four products in our launch collection plays a vital role in this system. They are not just individually potent, but also collectively transformative, offering a broad spectrum of benefits from nourishment and balance to protection and regeneration. This curated selection is formulated for all genders, all ages, and all skin types.

What is biotech?

Biotech, at its core, is about innovation and precision—it's where lab-grown ingredients come to life. Picture a space where the ingenuity of nature meets the exactitude of science. Here, we're not just following nature's blueprint; we're enhancing it, making it more accessible and sustainable without stepping outside the bounds of ethical responsibility.
We develop ingredients that are grown within the controlled environments of our labs. This method allows us to ensure the highest purity and efficacy of every compound we derive. It's about harnessing the inherent power of natural elements, then refining and concentrating them, without the shadow of contaminants.
This approach is groundbreaking. Imagine having the essence of the most potent botanicals at your fingertips, without depleting natural resources or harming the ecosystem. These lab-grown marvels are not just replicas; they are improvements, optimized to provide you maximum benefit.
At AWvi, biotech is more than a methodology—it's a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and the art of science.

Where is AWvi manufactured?

AWvi's offerings are crafted with meticulous attention from conception to manufacturing in Italy, blending tradition with cutting-edge innovation. Our nutraceutical products are produced in a facility located on the outskirts of Florence—home to our headquarters—which complies with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. This facility is certified by the Italian Medicines Agency and registered with the FDA, reflecting our unwavering commitment to both quality and safety.
In parallel, the development and production of our ingredients and cosmeceutical products are carried out near Milan, by one of our founding partners, in a facility boasting multiple certifications by international ISO standards, including ISO 22716:2007 for Cosmetic Products Manufacturing, ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management, ISO 22000:2005 for Food and Nutraceutical Safety, ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management Performance, and ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health and Safety.
This arrangement ensures an integration of expertise and excellence at every phase of development and production. Such strategic localization highlights our dedication to offering products that are not just effective, but are also locally produced in a sustainable and ethical manner.

What is the shelf life of AWvi products?

At AWvi, each product stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, crafted with a focused dedication to stability and longevity. This approach ensures that your experience with our products is not only effective but also lasting.
Our product range is designed with clarity in mind, especially regarding their optimal usage period.
For our topical skincare line, this is communicated through the 'period after opening' (PAO) symbol. You'll notice this symbol—an opened jar with a numeral inside—on each product, indicating the time frame (in months) during which the product will perform at its best. For instance, The Gentle Cleanser boasts a 24M PAO, while both The Power Serum and The Active Cream are optimal for 12M after opening, allowing you to experience their peak efficacy within these periods.
By adhering to these guidelines, you ensure that your experience with AWvi remains unparalleled in terms of quality and effectiveness.
Turning our attention to The Skin Biotic supplement, a different but equally important date comes into play: the "best before end" (BBE). This date signifies the period up until which AWvi guarantees the supplement will maintain its quality, potency, and characteristics, assuming it's stored as recommended. The BBE is determined by the production date and is upheld by our rigorous manufacturing processes. These processes ensure the formula remains unaltered. Meanwhile, our medical-grade packaging (ALU 14 + PE 35) protects the product from external factors like temperature and humidity, thus preserving the formula's integrity over time. Although The Skin Biotic remains safe to consume past the BBE date, its intended effectiveness, flavor, or texture might not be as originally specified. This date is crucial, empowering consumers to fully benefit from our supplement, with confidence in its sustained quality and efficacy.
We conducted tests on both our topical range and our supplement to verify the actual stability and effectiveness of our formulas over time.

Are AWvi products natural or organic?

AWvi has worked diligently to find the perfect balance between what's best for you and the environment, leveraging the finest offerings from both nature and science. Our products are vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free, ensuring the safety of our solutions—free from any type of allergen—and meeting user expectations. AWvi has selected ingredients and production processes that maximize efficacy and safety, all while preserving the environment. It's crucial to note that natural does not inherently mean safe or effective. A natural extract could be harmful or contaminated, or it might prove ineffective if not processed correctly to extract the key active ingredients at the necessary concentrations to produce the desired effects. Moreover, the cultivation and extraction processes for natural components can significantly harm the environment in terms of land use, water, energy consumption, and polluting extraction processes.
If our active ingredients are of natural origin, such as ectoine and hyaluronic acid molecules, as well as our triglycerides extracted from olives, our active waters, or our probiotics, they have been either lab-grown or derived from cutting-edge extraction processes, including soft-extraction and ultra-filtration. These processes focus on precision and concentration in terms of efficacy while providing all the necessary safety guarantees.
The best example of our approach that reconciles nature and science is the use of upcycled biologically active waters derived from Mediterranean organic fruits. This transforms a functional ingredient—which can represent up to 85% of a topical solution—into an active biomimetic ingredient, with compounds that replicate the liquid composition of skin cells. In addition, our use of upcycled waters helps preserve the environment by avoiding the use of demineralized water.

What does medical grade imply?

Products incorporating medical-grade ingredients are meticulously developed and assessed by healthcare experts, utilizing potent actives. This signifies that such formulations undergo rigorous clinical evaluations to affirm their benefits, ensuring they deliver superior outcomes. The comprehensive clinical validation, coupled with the advanced expertise of the professionals involved, assures users of the products' exceptional quality and safety.
For The Skin Biotic, both the manufacturing process and the packaging adhere to stringent protocols inspired from the pharmaceutical industry, guaranteeing the safety, efficacy and longevity of the product.

What is an active ingredient?

An "active ingredient" refers to the component within a product that is biologically active and specifically targeted to address a particular concern or condition. These ingredients are scientifically proven to have a beneficial effect. Active ingredients are the backbone of a product's efficacy, directly contributing to its intended outcomes.
At AWvi, our topical solutions boast active ingredients such as ectoine, hyaluronic acid, triglycerides, and biologically active waters. For our supplement The Skin Biotic, probiotic strains and vitamins are active ingredients.
The quality of our active ingredients and formulations allow us to limit drastically the addition of other compounds such as functional ingredients that contribute to ensure the product remains effective, safe, and usable over time.
The concentration of an active ingredient is crucial, as it determines the product's strength and effectiveness. AWvi formulations are carefully developed to include active ingredients at optimum concentration levels for maximum efficacy while minimizing the use of additional ingredients to provide further guarantees in terms of safety.

Are Awvi formulas GMO-free?

At AWvi, we are committed to providing products that align with the highest standards of purity and integrity. We proudly confirm that all AWvi formulas are GMO-free. A genetically modified organism (GMO) is defined as any organism (excluding human beings) whose genetic material has been altered through methods that do not occur naturally, such as specific gene splicing techniques or genetic engineering. This modification process contrasts with traditional breeding methods and natural recombination.
Understanding the importance of maintaining the natural essence and safety of our ingredients, AWvi ensures that our formulas contain no genetically modified organisms or ingredients derived from GMOs. This commitment extends to the rigorous selection of raw materials, prioritizing those that adhere to the strictest standards for natural and organic integrity.
At AWvi, we uphold a strict policy against the use of GMOs in our products. This approach reflects our respect for biodiversity, environmental sustainability, and consumer health.

Is long-term use of AWvi solutions recommended and beneficial?

AWvi formulas are composed of biomimetic ingredients, developed to mirror the body's natural physiological processes, and work in harmony with the individual's unique skin biology to promote rebalancing and regeneration. By leveraging the body’s intrinsic mechanisms with a very precise dosage of ingredients, AWvi solutions are expertly designed to provide benefits both at short term and on the long run.
To draw a parallel with a daily used product, consider mineral waters. Some waters may have a composition that is not entirely balanced, beneficial in the short term in the case of certain deficiencies in some specific minerals, but not recommended in the long term, making preferable to rotate brands to avoid an excess of certain minerals that the body is not able to expel. If such a principle may be applicable in the cosmeceutical and nutraceutical fields, AWvi's carefully calibrated formulations are distinct, having been specifically designed to consistently support the skin's health, remaining highly efficient and safe for ongoing use, thus negating the need for such rotation.
In essence, AWvi embraces the principle of 'just right'—meticulously blending the best of nature and science to create solutions that are as safe for long-term use as they are effective, echoing the perfect balance found in nature's own systems. The longer you integrate AWvi solutions into your daily ritual, the more significant the benefits become.

How soon can I expect to see results from using AWvi solutions?

The timeline for seeing results from AWvi solutions can vary from person to person, as individual skin types and conditions respond differently. It's important to consider the skin's full renewal cycle, which typically spans about 28 days for most adults. This natural process allows skin cells to regenerate, which means that some products may require at least one full cycle to demonstrate a full panel of visible improvements.
However, based on the clinical studies we have conducted, many users start noticing the first signs of improvement within an average of two weeks. The extent and nature of these benefits can vary, with some requiring a longer duration of consistent use to fully manifest.
Certain immediate effects can be experienced right after application for some of our products. For example, the cleansing properties of The Gentle Cleanser, the moisturization provided by The Active Cream, and the strong lifting effect of The Power Serum offer instant gratification. These benefits are immediately noticeable and provide a sense of immediate improvement in the skin's appearance and feel.
In summary, while the first noticeable changes might be observed within two weeks on average, the full spectrum of benefits from using AWvi solutions, especially those related to skin rebalancing and regeneration, may unfold over a longer period with consistent use. Patience and persistence are key, as the skin gradually responds to the nourishing and restorative ingredients in our formulations.

Can I intake other supplements alongside The Skin Biotic?

While The Skin Biotic is specifically engineered to enhance skin health-through carefully developed ingredients and precise dosages-it's important to note that if you maintain a balanced diet and have no nutritional deficiencies, additional supplementation may generally not be necessary. A nutritious diet is the cornerstone of providing all the essential nutrients required for the body's overall vitality and well-being.
This attention to detail means that The Skin Biotic-containing essential vitamins and bioactive compounds in precise dosages-is unlikely to cause adverse reactions, even when taken alongside a balanced diet or other supplements, assuming those do not exceed recommended nutrient intakes.
However, caution is advised when considering the cumulative intake from various supplements, which could lead to exceed recommended nutrient intakes and related potential adverse effects due to the body's limited capacity to excrete excess nutrients.

What is a Nutraceutical product?

A nutraceutical—like The Skin Biotic—is a product that offers additional health support beyond basic nutrition. This term merges "nutrition" and "pharmaceutical" to highlight products that contribute to overall health maintenance and support. Nutraceuticals encompass dietary supplements, isolated nutrients, and certain foods enriched with health-supporting ingredients. They aim to bridge the gap between diet and conventional pharmaceuticals by utilizing natural food compounds to support health. Rather than directly treating or preventing disease, nutraceuticals focus on contributing to support health and wellness, emphasizing the role of diet in maintaining good overall health. 

How does The Skin Biotic differ from other supplements?

The Skin Biotic represents a groundbreaking nutraceutical innovation that capitalizes on the intricate interplay between the gut and the skin. This symbiotic relationship, often referred to as the 'gut-skin axis,' allows us to tap into the unique benefits of specific probiotic strains, thereby fostering comprehensive skin health, overall well-being, and an improved appearance, not confined to the face but extending to the entirety of the body.
Within our probiotic complex, which comprises three proprietary strains, lies the essence of our holistic approach. These strains have been carefully curated and fine-tuned to work in concert, culminating in a synergistic effect that maximizes skin-related advantages. By nurturing a harmonious microbiome balance, we bolster the skin's natural defense mechanisms while supercharging its regenerative prowess.
Furthermore, The Skin Biotic incorporates indispensable vitamins, notably Vitamin A (Retinol) and Vitamin B8 (D-Biotin), strategically selected due to their pivotal roles in supporting skin cellular metabolism.
Our quest for excellence extends to the selection of probiotic strains, where we delve into the intricacies of DNA analysis. In our journey to uncover the most suitable strains, we have come to appreciate the vast diversity within the Lactobacillus genus. It is crucial to recognize that each strain within this extensive family possesses distinct characteristics and capabilities.
Our commitment to precision is exemplified by our approach, built upon two pillars: Integration and Correct Dosage.
We introduce ingredients that seamlessly integrate with the body's natural chemistry and biology. This ensures that our supplement becomes an integral part of your daily well-being, working in harmony with your system.
The emphasis on precise dosing is paramount. Achieve the optimal balance of ingredients, rather than relying on quantity, is the key to unlocking the full potential of our product. The probiotics must not only be alive but also present in the correct quantity when administered. The quantity of living organisms in a probiotic dose is indicated on the label and is typically measured in CFU (colony forming units). This quantity should align with the dosage used in the related clinical trial that proved the efficacy of the specific bacterial strain. Unlike some products that tout high CFU (colony-forming units) counts, we prioritize efficacy, understanding that excess can often lead to undesirable reactions.
Our unwavering commitment to quality extends to all AWvi products. We adhere to pharmaceutical-grade R&D and manufacturing practices (our internal nutraceutical production line being located within a GMP—Good Manufacturing Practice—pharmaceutical facility that is certified by the Italian Medicines Agency), ensuring the safety and longevity of our supplement, right up to their expiration date.
In essence, The Skin Biotic transcends the conventional supplement paradigm.

Are AWvi products FDA approved?

While the FDA primarily focuses on regulating prescription and over-the-counter drugs rather than supplements, our 100% drug-free supplement, developed and produced in Italy, already adheres fully to all FDA standards throughout its manufacturing, logistics, and distribution processes.
Our unwavering commitment to the highest safety and efficacy standards is bolstered by the fact that manufacturing is operated internally, in our nutraceutical production line, within a pharmaceutical facility that strictly adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This ensures the optimal integrity of ingredients during and after manufacturing, ultimately guaranteeing the product's actual efficacy throughout its life cycle.

Are AWvi solutions suitable for everyone?

AWvi solutions have been meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of individuals across all ages, genders, and skin complexions. The foundation of AWvi's formulations lies in the biomimetic properties of their ingredients. These properties enable AWvi's products to harmoniously adapt to and enhance the natural physiological mechanisms unique to each individual. Furthermore, the intrinsic properties of AWvi ingredients are designed to provide you with the specific benefits you need, exactly when you need them. Consequently, AWvi solutions are exceptionally versatile, designed to cater to the specific requirements of every user, ensuring an inclusive approach to wellness and care.

Are AWvi solutions 'clean'?

At AWvi, we have an uwavering dedication to create solutions that are not only effective but also conscientiously ‘clean’ and sustainable. Our rigorous formulation standards ensure that every AWvi solution is free from a multitude of ingredients that do not align with our philosophy of health and transparency. We take pride in offering products that are pure, safe, and beneficial, catering to the well-being of our consumers. Specifically, our products are free of:
Emulsifying wax
Animal by-products (vegan-friendly)
Chemical sunscreens
Heavy metals
Methyl cellosolve or 2-methoxyethanol
Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone
Mineral oil
Nitro and polycyclic musk
Polysorbate 20/40
Triclosan and Triclocarban

Are AWvi solutions 100% cruelty-free and vegan?

Yes, AWvi adheres to the stringent regulations set forth by the European Union, which prohibit animal testing for cosmetics and their ingredients. In addition to our 100% cruelty-free solutions, we are pleased to inform our customers that our products are also lactose-free and vegan. This means that no animal-derived ingredients are used in our formulations, aligning with our vision for ethical solutions and allowing us to provide products that are kind and conscious, not just to animals, but also to our customers with specific dietary preferences and values.

Can I take antibiotics and The Skin Biotic at the same time?

If you have been prescribed antibiotics, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before incorporating The Skin Biotic into your daily regimen. Antibiotics have a broad effect on gut microbiota and can indiscriminately kill both harmful and beneficial bacteria. This means that taking a supplement like The Skin Biotic, which contains lactobacillus probiotic strains, might be less effective if the antibiotics disrupt the probiotics before they can establish themselves in your gut. To ensure you receive the optimal benefits from both your antibiotics and The Skin Biotic, medical professionals often advise taking these two several hours apart. This approach is intended to minimize the potential for antibiotics to diminish the positive effects of probiotics on your gut flora, thereby supporting the full efficacy of The Skin Biotic regimen.

Can I use The Skin Biotic while pregnant or breastfeeding?

The Skin Biotic has not been specifically formulated for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Therefore, we advise against using The Skin Biotic in these circumstances. If you are pregnant, nursing, on medication, or have a medical condition, consulting with your healthcare provider is crucial before beginning any new supplement, especially those containing Retinol, even if our product contains such an ingredient at a conservative level—only 13% of the recommended daily value—to maintain safety and effectiveness. Beyond the fact it is important to follow the advised daily dosage and be cautious not to combine it with other Retinol supplements, as this may result in too much intake, please speak with a healthcare professional regarding the proper use of The Skin Biotic during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, to ensure your safety and the best care for your health.

Does The Skin Biotic work for post-menopausal women?

The Skin Biotic is designed to support women across all stages of life, providing beneficial support through perimenopause, menopause, and the post-menopausal phase.

Are there any side effects associated with taking The Skin Biotic?

The Skin Biotic is not a medication but a premium supplement meticulously crafted to avoid side effects. Our formula incorporates potent ingredients chosen for their safety and clinically proven efficacy at precise dosages.

Why doesn’t The Skin Biotic formula include more vitamins?

The Skin Biotic formula is crafted with a specific purpose in mind, distinct from being a conventional multivitamin. Our approach focuses on integrating ingredients that synergistically support skin health enhancement, carefully balancing chemistry and biology to maximize benefits. This meticulous blend includes select vitamins known for their targeted support to skin health, alongside specific lactobacillus strains, ensuring each component is precisely dosed for optimal synergy and effectiveness.
Unlike broad-spectrum multivitamins, The Skin Biotic is designed to offer specialized support, leveraging the unique properties of each ingredient to work in harmony. For example, while Vitamin C is renowned for its skin benefits, it can adversely affect the viability of probiotic strains when combined within the same formula. This highlights the importance of our selective formulation strategy, where the inclusion of each ingredient is carefully evaluated to prevent any compromise to the overall effectiveness of the product.
Our commitment to this specialized formulation ensures that The Skin Biotic delivers targeted benefits to the skin, avoiding the potential for interaction between ingredients that could diminish their individual benefits. By focusing on a precise blend of vitamins and probiotics, we provide a product that supports skin health in a thoughtful, effective manner, going beyond the capabilities of standard supplements to truly complement your skin's physiological processes.

What does The Skin Biotic taste like?

The light taste of The Skin Biotic is due to the presence of Vitamin A. We prioritize high-quality, bioavailable ingredients to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness. We do not use any synthetic colorant, flavoring, and additive—our commitment to your health means we don't mask the natural characteristics of our ingredients with sugar, coatings, or unnecessary additives. This approach ensures you receive the nutrients you need in the most natural and easy-to-digest form. 

When should I take The Skin Biotic supplement?

The ideal time to take The Skin Biotic supplement is first thing in the morning, about 30 minutes before breakfast. This timing ensures optimal absorption and effectiveness of the supplement. The sachet is designed for easy use; it can be dissolved directly in the mouth or mixed with a small amount of water for consumption. If, for any reason, you miss taking it in the early hours, there's no need for concern. You can still take The Skin Biotic later in the day, as long as it is on an empty stomach to preserve its full efficacy.
The Skin Biotic intake is the first foundational step in The Skin Method protocol, setting the stage for the rest of your skin care ritual, ensuring you receive the maximum benefits from this comprehensive approach to skin health support.

Do I need to keep The Skin Biotic supplement in the fridge?

No, all our formulas are stable at room temperature. However, for optimal preservation, we recommend storing them below 77°F (25°C) in a cool dry place, keeping them away from direct sunlight.

What if I miss a few days?

If you happen to miss a few days of The Skin Method, there's no need for concern. Our ritual is designed for long-term use to deliver sustainable benefits to your skin. Consistency is crucial for achieving the best results, as The Skin Method works progressively to support your skin's health over time.
We understand that life can get busy, and occasionally missing a day or two is understandable. Our formula is designed to build up in your system, gradually enhancing your skin's condition. While we recommend daily use to see the most significant improvements, missing a few days won't affect your progress. For optimal results, we advise consistently following The Skin Method protocol as closely as possible, as regular use over time is key to unlocking the full potential of our carefully crafted solutions.

Can I start with a higher dose of The Skin Biotic?

The Skin Biotic has been meticulously formulated with each ingredient dosed for optimal benefits, aligning with the body's natural absorption capabilities, as confirmed by our clinical studies. We understand the eagerness to see results quickly; however, it's important to recognize that more is not always better when it comes to supplementation. Your body has a limit to how much it can effectively metabolize, and exceeding this limit does not enhance benefits but could potentially lead to inefficiencies in how nutrients are used.
Our clinical research supports the efficacy of The Skin Biotic when used as directed. We firmly advise adhering to the recommended dosage to ensure the best outcomes. Just as taking an excess of nutrients can be counterproductive, reducing the dosage below what is recommended may also diminish the product's effectiveness. Our formulation and dosage recommendations are based on delivering significant, sustainable results over time, emphasizing that real and lasting progress is a gradual process. We do not recommend deviating from the advised dosage without consulting a healthcare professional, as the potency and balance of our ingredients are designed to achieve optimal results within the prescribed protocol.

Do I need to take The Skin Biotic continuously, or should I take breaks?

The Skin Biotic has been intricately formulated to naturally support your body's physiological mechanisms, focusing on long-term benefits and overall skin health improvement. It is designed to work with your body over time, enhancing its natural processes. Unlike medications that are taken until a condition improves and then stopped, The Skin Biotic is intended to be a continuous part of your wellness ritual.
Continuing to take The Skin Biotic regularly is advised to achieve and maintain the maximum benefits. Its ingredients are carefully chosen to support and enhance your skin's health on an ongoing basis, and help to combat the ageing process. For these reasons, there is no need to take breaks from using The Skin Biotic. Instead, it's best viewed as a long-term solution to support your body's natural mechanisms for maintaining healthy, youthful skin.

Why is The Skin Biotic formulated as a granular delivery system?

The granular delivery system and its corresponding packaging, as opposed to a pill, are essential factors that offer more than just ease of use; the convenience lies in the fact that you can easily take it with you during the day or on a trip, and it can be dissolved directly in the mouth without the need to dilute it in water.
The granular form of The Skin Biotic allows for better absorption and quicker action.
It also facilitates a pharmaceutical-grade conditioning of our product, safeguarding the survival of the living microorganisms that are the probiotics. These granules are meticulously formulated to maintain the stability and viability of these beneficial bacteria until they reach the gut.
Our packaging creates a protective barrier against moisture, oxygen, and light, all of which can degrade probiotics in pill form. This means that our probiotics remain in their active state until consumption, ensuring their effectiveness in promoting skin health by leveraging the gut-skin axis.

At what age should I start using AWvi solutions?

AWvi solutions are meticulously crafted with a dual focus: to naturally support your body’s physiological mechanisms for skin health and to offer protection against external aggressors that can compromise the body’s innate regenerative capabilities. Starting using AWvi solutions in your 20s is recommended, as it lays the groundwork for long-term skin health and preemptively combats the early signs of aging.
This proactive approach is not just about supporting the body's production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin—crucial for maintaining hydration, elasticity, and firmness—but also about shielding the skin from environmental factors that can compromise skin health and accelerate ageing. By protecting the skin from these external challenges, AWvi solutions can help preserve the body’s natural ability to regenerate and maintain healthy skin.

Do AWvi solutions contain any fragrance or flavour?

Yes, AWvi solutions do contain fragrance, albeit very lightly. Specifically, a very light fragrance has been introduced into The Gentle Cleanser and The Active Cream. It's important to note that these fragrances have been carefully formulated to ensure proven tolerability, free of any known allergens. The introduction of fragrance is aimed at enhancing the overall wellness experience while using the solutions, providing a subtle and pleasant sensory aspect to your ritual.
Regarding The Skin Biotic supplement, it's worth noting that no flavour has been intentionally added to it. Any light taste it may have is solely due to the presence of Vitamin A.

Can I use a single AWvi product?

Each individual AWvi product is carefully formulated with potent properties that exceed market standards, offering remarkable benefits on its own. However, our approach with The Skin Method is to leverage the synergistic actions between our various topical products from the outside-in and The Skin Biotic supplement from the inside-out. While using a single AWvi product can certainly provide significant benefits, incorporating multiple products from The Skin Method allows for a comprehensive ritual that addresses a wide range of concerns and promotes overall skin health. By harnessing the combined power of The SKin Method, you can achieve even more transformative results for your skin.

How do I know if AWvi clinical studies should be trusted?

You can trust AWvi clinical studies because we are committed to full transparency in our research process. Each study is conducted by a renowned third-party organization, and we disclose the name of this organization to ensure transparency (Complife Group). Furthermore, we provide detailed information about the study protocol, including how various parameters are measured.
We avoid using ambiguous terms that can be misleading about the nature of the results obtained. Instead, we clearly distinguish between the user's perception, which is assessed through questionnaires, and the scientifically measured results. This ensures that our findings are reliable and accurately represent the efficacy of our products.
Our objective is to redefine the standards of transparency and detail in presenting study results, aiming to exceed market standards. We are dedicated to providing consumers with the most comprehensive and trustworthy information possible.
For further details, you can consult the dedicated section into our website.

Is The Skin Biotic supplement safe?

Yes, beyond the careful formulation in terms of ingredients nature and their precise dosage, we proceed with analyses of each production batch of The Skin Biotic according to specified parameters and requirements which enable us to ensure the product's efficacy and safety, while also certifying it is free from substances that may trigger sensitivities or intolerances, such as lactose and gluten.
For further details, you can consult the dedicated section into our website.

What is a biomimetic ingredient?

A biomimetic ingredient is designed to closely replicate the natural physiological compounds found within the human body, ensuring that these substances are recognized and treated as familiar by the body's systems. This recognition maximizes the ingredient's absorption and metabolization, leveraging the body's inherent mechanisms for a more efficient and effective interaction. By mirroring the body's own molecules, biomimetic ingredients facilitate a harmonious integration, enhancing the overall compatibility and functionality of products containing these innovative components. This concept is grounded in the principle of biomimicry, aiming to emulate biological processes for improved performance and safety.

When my order will be processed?

All orders are processed Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and Italian holidays.
Be aware that all orders are subject to verification, including billing and shipping addresses and payment method. If necessary, we may request additional identification information, which can extend the delivery time by up to two (2) additional business days.
The delivery timeline may also be affected by order verification and product availability. Our average processing time is a maximum of 48 hours unless unexpected delays occur.
Once your order has been processed and shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number.

What are the delivery times for my order?

Orders are processed on business days, Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and Italian holidays. Once processed, the delivery timeline in business days varies by shipping method and destination. Standard shipping typically results in delivery within 1-2 days in Italy and 2-3 days in Europe and the UK. For Express shipping, orders are expedited to arrive in 1-2 days in Europe and the UK and 2-3 business days in the US.

How does The Skin Biotic navigate the natural acidity of your gut to ensure optimal effectiveness?

The Skin Biotic contains proprietary Lactobacillus strains (L. reuteri, L. rhamnosus, and L. plantarum), selected for their potential benefits on skin health, and their strong resilience in the GI tract with an intrinsic capability to endure gastric acid to various extents. This resilience is partly because these strains naturally inhabit the gut, where they have adapted to survive the journey through the stomach to colonize the intestines effectively.
We have added Prebiotics in our formula (FOS), which is a key nutrient for Lactobacillus strains, further enhancing their survival, colonization, and activity in the gut.
The CFU (colony forming units) level of 3 billion has been precisely defined to support the likelihood that the accurate number of viable bacteria will reach the intestines to exert their beneficial effects on the gut microbiome and, by extension, on skin health through the ‘gut-skin’ axis. Beyond this synergistic action between prebiotics and probiotics, FOS (by promoting the health of beneficial bacteria) can help improve digestion, enhance mineral absorption, and strengthen the immune system.
The recommendation to take The Skin Biotic 30 minutes before meals is also strategically designed to optimize the survival of probiotics.
The stomach's acidity is naturally lower when it is empty, which typically occurs before meals. Taking probiotics on an empty stomach means that the bacteria are exposed to a less acidic environment compared to after eating, when the stomach releases more hydrochloric acid to aid in digestion.
When the stomach is empty, substances can pass through it more quickly. Taking probiotics 30 minutes before eating can help ensure that they transit through the stomach to the intestines faster than they would if taken with or after a meal. This quicker passage reduces the time probiotics spend in the acidic stomach environment, further increasing their survival rate.
Moreover, when you consume food, the fibers and other prebiotic components in your meal can serve as food for the Lactobacillus strains, supporting their further proliferation and function in the gut.


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