Science and daily life<br>should always be connected

Science and daily life
should always be connected



AWvi was born from a collective with globally renowned expertise in health, wellness, and beauty. They began by asking ‘what if’?

→ What if we stopped viewing science as a separate realm—the domain of ivory towers, lab coats, and dense findings confined to academic journals—and instead reestablished its vital link to daily life, recognizing the imperative for humans to adapt within an ever-changing environment?

→ What if we embraced a holistic approach to health rooted in scientific rigour, through a proactive methodology that harnesses the remarkable power of bodies and minds?

→ What if we could develop potentiated and evidence-based methods, taking into account the complexity of human biology and chemistry, to effectively address a wide range of concerns, instead of relying on standalone products with specific claims?

→ What if we could make these methods a pleasurable part of your day rather than another obligation or mindless routine?

AWvi was born of observation and wonder, of asking questions and seeking answers, of testing and iterating. This is the virtuous circle of the scientific method—applied to help you feel better, look better, and live better, every day1.

AWvi is in and of Italy, a country where art and science not only coexist but come together. These strong roots allow us to approach well-being with both precision and pleasure.

1 ‘What's the use of doing all this work if we don't get some fun out of this?’ - Rosalind Franklin



To illuminate how extraordinary scientific discoveries and developments can enhance every aspect of our well-being, from skin and hair health to sleep quality, physical performance and recovery, mood, and cognitive function.

As the Roman numeral for six, vi references the interconnected elements of health and wellbeing at the heart of the brand.

The scope and ambition of our mission sets us apart. It is rooted in the paradigm shift of functional medicine, which is changing how we view health. Functional medicine considers the body as an ecosystem, a complex web of interconnected networks and systems that regulate biological functioning2. It recognizes that when these systems are out of balance, dysfunction and disease can occur. Functional medicine takes a comprehensive and proactive approach to health and well-being by considering genetic and biochemical factors in conjunction with lifestyle and environmental factors. It unites Western and Eastern approaches, treatment and prevention, symptoms and systems, as well as cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom3.

We embark on this journey with skincare. Your skin, more than a shield and your largest organ, is integral to your identity, influential in your social interactions, and a reflection of your overall health.

2 The functional medicine model is individualised, person-centred, and science-based.

3 At AWvi, we embrace a circular ‘Inside Out’ approach to healthier bodies and minds, through truly scientific solutions that work at the source to provide improvements that last.



These words encapsulate both the integrative nature of AWvi and the exponential power of our methods when products are used in combination—think 1+1=3.

This synergistic quality ensures that AWvi is more than the sum of its parts4.

Dedicated to enhancing life through the power of science, AWvi is a wholeness concept for those ready to unlock the full potential of body and mind, every day5.

4 We are developing, at the frontier of well-being and medical science, a system of holistic and synergistic solutions that enable to harness the power of science and nature to improve daily life.



At AWvi, we stand for dedication, rigour and reverence.


With a strong ethical foundation, we constantly strive to discover and develop ways to enhance your health and well-being, guiding you towards a brighter future. No compromises.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards and are committed to stringent testing to ensure our solutions are highly effective and safe.


We have deep respect for the body and the environment, and we feel responsible to look after both.

AWvi as a science-led brand that speaks the language of life. A brand whose sincere reverence encompasses mind, body, and soul.



Our brand persona is defined by our commitment to honesty, supportiveness, and inclusivity.


When it comes to wellness, we know there’s lots of puffery and hyperbole. We’re open and honest about what our solutions can do, how they work, and the ingredients they contain.


From helping you understand the ideal products for you to the behaviours you should adopt for better health, we’re here to support you throughout your life5.


The solutions we create are for everyone. No matter who you are, what your background or age, our solutions cater to your needs.

5 Personal progress is a life in motion.



'Skin health operates on a two-way axis, shaped by internal factors such as genetics and metabolism, as well as external influences like lifestyle and environment. The Skin Method integrates these elements within a 'genome-microbiome-exposome' framework, taking into account the crucial interplay between gut and skin microbiomes. Engineered with next-generation active ingredients that work synergistically—from the inside-out and the outside-in—it combats skin ageing while promoting overall skin health.'

Dr Cother Hajat, MBBS PhD
Health & Wellness strategy at AWvi

Embracing a multi-level strategy and holistic frameworks, we're reshaping skincare methodology. Our distinct approach supports overall skin health while offering a wide array of specific benefits.


Skin ageing is a multifaceted process affected by both internal and external factors. Genetics, hormones, and cellular metabolism contribute to physiological changes like decreased collagen production, reduced lipid levels, epidermal thinning, and the loss of subcutaneous fat. Additionally, lifestyle and environmental factors such as diet, sleep, stress level, physical activity, pollution, and sun exposure play a crucial role. These factors manifest in the skin as dryness, wrinkles, and a change in facial structure.


One groundbreaking discovery in skincare science underscores the vital role of microbiomes—the microbial communities present in both the gut and the skin. The balance of these microbiomes is strongly influenced by various factors and is crucial for both combating skin ageing and promoting overall skin health. The relationship between gut and skin is facilitated through the circulatory system, creating what is often referred to as the 'gut-skin axis'. This axis enables the gut to influence an anti-inflammatory environment in the skin via the bloodstream, thereby optimising interactions with the resident skin microbiome.


At the core of The Skin Method is the concept of the skin interactome, which integrates the 'genome-microbiome-exposome'. This holistic framework provides a comprehensive view of all the factors contributing to skin ageing and health, informing AWvi's approach to product formulation. With a focus on skin microbiome combined with next-generation active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Triglycerides, and Active Waters, The Skin Method offers a truly scientific and comprehensive approach to fight the underlying causes of skin ageing and promote skin health.



Think of it this way: things happening inside us, and things around us, together create responses in our body and feelings. These responses play a big part in how healthy we feel and how good we feel about life. It's like an ongoing conversation between us and everything around us.

Our health and well-being are dynamically shaped by the interplay of biological factors, lifestyle choices, and environmental influences.

The dynamic interplay among these factors lays the foundation of our health and well-being. It's a complex system where each component influences and is influenced by the others. Acknowledging this complexity is the first step towards fostering better health outcomes and promoting comprehensive well-being.



We believe meaningful change happens only when we look at the complete picture - the whole system - and act on multiple fronts.

Reflect on the world as we knew it a few decades ago. Now, look around. Notice how our environment and the way we live have changed, and the pace of that change.

Often, we imagine that our biology keeps pace with our rapidly advancing technology and intellect. But biology isn't a simple equation, like a predictable chemical reaction where A plus B always equals C. It's an intricate dance choreographed by millennia of evolution, shaping our behavior and needs in complex ways.

While chemistry plays a crucial role in our health, it's not the sole actor on the stage. Our biology, environment, and lifestyle all contribute to the intricate performance that shapes our overall health.

At AWvi, we appreciate this complex interplay. Our guiding principle is rooted in the philosophy of holistic functional medicine, which seeks to understand and address the underlying causes of health issues, not just treat symptoms.

While we can't alter our innate biological traits, pause time, or completely control our environment, we can proactively manage our health. We can adapt our lifestyle, protect ourselves, and navigate the external factors that affect our health and emotional wellbeing.

Think of it like building a house. A sturdy foundation is key to its stability and longevity. Likewise, our daily habits and practices form the solid base of our health, supporting our overall wellbeing.

At AWvi, we merge the precision of science with your everyday life. Guided by the principles of functional medicine and the Triad of Life - biology, lifestyle, and environment - we transform complex scientific findings into actionable health and wellness improvement strategies.

Aspiring to be the ultimate wellness brand, AWvi begins this journey with a focus on skincare.

Your skin, more than a shield and your largest organ, is integral to your identity, influential in your social interactions, a reflection of your overall health and a condition to your well-being.


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